Social Media Platforms that Encourage Social Good

Social media is not only limited to sharing your daily Ootds or ranting about an episode’s flop. What you do in front of your screens contributes to the making of a more positive and compassionate society. As the ultimate goal of social media is to connect people and ease every living being’s state here on earth, it’s also important that you’re making a contribution to the society as much as it is helping you. The advancement of technology puts each person in a good position to reach out to people even through the most distant and hidden parts of the planet. Reach out to a stranger. Send a motivating message to someone you know nothing of. Help spread awareness on pressing issues. Join a friendly match with a friend. All these things matter. And what you do in social media could either create a positive or a negative impact to somebody’s life.

One must keep in mind the power of social media, and its power to change lives. In this light, take time to visit these inspiring social media apps and make someone’s world a little brighter and easier.



Source: Chummy

Helping in your own little way

Chummy lets the goodness of every man shine. You don’t need to be a superhero or a wealthy man in order to send help to someone in need. By simply joining Chummy, you can widen your circle of people and be able to send or receive help at the time most needed. Creating a miracle in somebody’s life comes in many ways, and using Chummy is one of it. You just mark your location on the map and then discuss the thing you want to ask help for. Other chummies joining the app would then see the pin you displayed on the map and will willingly lend a good hand for you. Or you could be the one helping out other chummies in need. As a whole, it’s a healthy and friendly app best designed to improve human interaction. Your simple act of kindness will give you a bunch of thank you tokens, which will in turn help you when you’re in need of assistance. Need help in moving your furniture? Lost your dog on the way home? About 60,000 + kindhearted users across the world are there to back you up. Shine a light in somebody’s cave. Spread kindness and keep it moving.



Source: Mashable

Keeping track of healthy products

Deciding over what to choose in the grocery can be quite tricky. With over a number of products ligning all in the same counter, it gets pretty hard to choose which one would best suit your interest. Will these product meet my expectations? Is it worth my money? Does it use organic and healthy ingredients? A lot of factors are presented for you to consider and it’s important to be skeptical and pay attention to each and every details, lest you’ll end up wallowing over some wasted cash. Thankfully, GoodGuide makes that load a whole lot, less heavy. With over 75,000 products analyzed by scientists, basing on their composition, guiding yourself to the right product is so much more easy. May it be on foods, household, personal care or for babies & kids products. Aside from asking for a review of a product you want, you can also review products that people have interest in or you can also write your own.


Placing a bright smile to a random person’s face

Social media has been and will always be a powerful tool in making one person’s day better, as long as users know how to channel their time in productive and positive pursuits. Like making a stranger or a friend smile! With Brighten, you can be someone’s ray of sunshine just by sending good vibes all around. You can pay anonymous compliments or share positive stuff about others, or receive one! There’s no help that’s too small or big and you can decide to spread beautiful things by joining this app.  Why not give a sweet compliment to someone? You’ll never know how much one person may need it or the gravity of its effect. Surely a compliment will make wonders. Though people may say a thing or two and find a misconception about receiving compliments, but it’s not about feeding the ego or flourishing one’s vanity. Brighten’s vision is about appreciating the bright side of everything.



Source: Gameeapp

Towards a friendly and healthy competition

What better way than to indulge children in a friendly but challenging competition! Introducing Gamee, a game app where kids can play 100 games all for free. Games should go beyond sticking one’s fingers intensely or beating an opponent and acquiring rewards and points, it’s also a about making them appreciate the value of learning and healthy competition. Hearing kids scream and cuss at each other after an intense match is old news. Here, they are encouraged to build a healthy competition with one another. The more they play, the more they learn and grow! Players can enjoy playing a selection of logic games, racing, puzzle, sports, arcades and more, presented in a fast paced and quality layout.


Empowering kids to learn and have fun

The world of social media may be swarmed by many things not safe and appropriate for kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer a place they can enjoy and learn. Kudos, a social photo-sharing app, is a safe environment where kids can nurture their interests and connect with others. Parents no longer have to worry about what their kids are up to in social media as they can fully monitor what their children are sharing and commenting in their accounts, through the Parental Supervision feature. The team behind Kudos has designed an atmosphere that promotes a responsible, explorative and friendly social platform where children can express themselves, by sharing their photos and drawings while connecting with their friends. While they’re learning and exploring, they’re also having fun! At the same time, they can also learn the value of being responsible in and out of social media.