How to Deal with Negativity on Social Media

The easy route to deal with negativities in social media would be to involve yourself in the so-called Internet war. Though this may seem like a petty fight shared by childish and unoccupied people, the headache it will bring is actually quite terrible. Time spent arguing is time wasted, and the bad energy can follow you at any rate. True enough, people will challenge you to join in their Internet tirade to the point where you just want to quit and stay away from anything that has something to do with social media completely. But the decision whether to let negativity eat you or to channel this negative vibe into a positive one is all in your hands. Here are ways that will help you cope up when things get a little out of hand.

Respond hate with love

Love over hate

When people test your patience, the best way to respond is not through hate and violence. Love overcomes any misunderstanding if one party is willing to see the good even in the most maddening of situations. And if you want to see how this works, that one party has to be you. Instead of participating to that exhausting keyboard war, you can do the unexpected and match their hate with kindness. Though clearly, this is a no easy feat, the challenge to give your heart to someone across the Internet who by no means is interested in offering theirs will help you grow as a mature person in the long run. There’s no way they’ll win against you if you keep on spreading positivity while their off getting suffocated in their toxic cages. Don’t let the air of negativity enter your nostrils. Treat them with love until they get tired of their silly game. Combat the situation as calmly and as gracefully as a grown-up should be.



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Stop social media harassment

Some people will move mountains just to annihilate you with their own madness. These are people who will violate you, humiliate you, insult you and is delighted to see you get burned by your own anger. Sometimes you don’t really need to give a reaction to any of these. When it comes to the point where they’ll resort to harassment, what you need to do is to report them as quickly as possible. There’s no use reasoning to people who fail to understand others aside from themselves. Just click that button and let the authorities do their job.

Use humor as an armor

Clear the air with you humor

Respond like a pro by using humor as your armor. Seriously, this is what drives most troublemakers into nuts. “Every time you find some humour in a difficult situation, you win” – and that’s when you’ll realize just how important it is to cultivate your own sense of humor and use it in tough times. Nope, you don’t always have to exhaust in a lengthy explanation that will prove the truth of your words, sometimes all you need is a funny one-liner to lift the heavy clouds of disagreement. Nobody can take down someone who will see the humor in tight, grey situations.



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Have yourself a virtual cleanup

As Doris M. Smith said, “Arguing with a fool proves there are two.” People who invite you into a rubbish of arguments is attempting to include you in social media’s long parade of cynical and pessimistic users. How about you grant yourself the gift of tranquility by eliminating those people who turn your productivity into a wasteland of toxicity? Rants over here, grumblings over there. When all they see is the bad side of social media, it’s about time that you think about who stays in your friend’s list and who goes. There’s more things to focus your energy to, more pressing and productive issues you can take part in, instead of being with people who refuse to step out of their dark, judgemental caves. When all things fail, the best resort is to press that unfollow button before these things start to dim your light.

Keep it classy and polite

Keep your manners while holding your ground

You can’t throw your manners just because someone is shamelessly tossing theirs. When you’re faced with a person who uses all means to attack you with their words, remember to breathe and get a taste of your own words before you spit them out. Giving in to their tactics will only make you look just like them. On top of it all, it’s not really pleasing to read your angry and rude comments when the dust starts to settle. Class and politeness will never go out of date. Practice it while you’re in the net. You’ll be proud of yourself later.

Give them facts

Share what’s real

Seeing people spread fake information all over the net and noticing people actually buying it is a challenging feat. Especially when someone acts as if a know-it-all intellectual who has the credibility to speak on things he has in reality, no real or adequate knowledge of. In times like these, you are like teased to go on and stop the gibberish from reaching to more people. If you know you are in the right position to do so, that’s the time you need to step in. The goal practically is not to humiliate but to educate them. If you intend to do so, remember to exercise communication and social media ethics. Just be clear and well mannered. Someone who has an open mind will no doubt appreciate your good intention.

Sign out

Sign out

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Log into life back again

Everyone deserves a good break from virtual interactions, most especially when nothing productive ever comes out of all that surfing and scrolling. Destress once in a while by signing off from your social media accounts and think about which sites and people are actually helping you grow or those which are preventing you to do so. Signing out doesn’t mean bye-bye but a chance to look at things better than you have seen it before. You can always come back once you believe you’re equipped with the maturity to handle the stress that is inevitably present in social media.