Best Social Apps To Expand Your Social Life

Nope, social media doesn’t always separate people away from each other. If used right, it’s actually a great tool to connect people and help them in becoming more sociable. There are apps that encourage people to go out and do more than just chatting with someone or interacting with them virtually. You can use these apps to socialize more with your friends or strangers, and rest assured, will help you put that phone down. Overcome that FOMO by letting these apps guide you to keep track of your social life.


Participate in fruitful, heartwarming activities

Named as the Social Good App of the Year, Golden holds a significant place in allowing people to contribute something special in the society. Through this app, you will be able to grasp several volunteer opportunities that will help shape you as an individual  while letting you leave a strong mark in other people’s existence. Golden offers you a purposeful and reliable manner of volunteering and organizing opportunities which you can take part in all according to your very own interests.

Social Radar

Trace where fun is

Never miss a thing on the local things happening around you by using Social Radar. This app helps in connecting you to what’s in, according to your location. You can view recent photos, messages and events that will guide you to where fun and interactions reside. Through this, you can also get to be aware of who’s around nearby, so you won’t ever have to worry about attending alone. Discover hidden gems in and out of your neighborhood and tag along as many connections you can have.

Meet My Dog

Meet My Dog

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Socializing with your dog

Meet my dog –  a beautiful app that connects both you and your dog to other dog owners around your local area. Walking your dog around is twice more fun when you have as many people together with you. Not only will you get to interact with other dog owners, but most importantly your dog can have a blast playing with other dogs. The location-based social app aims to cultivate more interactions of dogs and dog owners within and even outside their area. Give your dog a pleasurable walk and meet the others!

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes

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Share your eyes with the world

Take part in a special activity that promotes social good by joining Be My Eyes. This app helps connect sighted volunteers with visually-impaired and blind people to a soul-nourishing and dedicated online community. Across the globe, anyone can have the chance to interact with one another through a live video call where volunteers can receive notifications and assist a blind person with just about anything he or she wants to ask help for. No help is to small for an act of kindness driven by a genuine intention – be the eyes in somebody’s world and indulge in a life-changing activity.



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Discover your tribe

Unlike other apps, what makes Peoplehunt special is that it gives you the chance of finding people who have similar interests and likes as you have. Sure, a great personality matters in a every relationship, as good looks is also a bonus. But what makes a friendship more interesting and kicking is the nutshell of tastes and interests which both can manage to share with each other. There’s no greater thing than finding a friend whose mind and humor works the same as yours – and through this app, you can truly find and treasure one for life.


Keeping track of reality

Do you think your not having enough time to spend with your loved ones? One of the reasons probably is that your spending too much time in social media. Put that phone down and keep track of your life using Moment, an app that lets you monitor how much time you have been using your iPhone or iPad each day. If you can’t help but face your screen every now and then, Moment will help you set daily limits for you to be reminded and notified in case you ever lose track of your usage. This social app’s goal is to give users quality time with people and live the life beyond keypad and screens. Moments are more special when spent with people in real, not just virtual life.



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Encounter with like-minded people

Do more of what makes you alive and spend it with the right people! Meetup allows you to meet people who share the same interests as you have and encourages you to engage in an interactive support system with other people. Doing things that you love is always better when spent with people who see and support your vision. Either by joining a marathon or  enjoying a fun weekend outdoors, there’s always a place for you. Fill your weekdays and weekends with productive activities and celebrate it together with people who got your back!

Design My Night

Tailor your own nighttime

Keep up with London’s daily hustle and bustle using this innovative app that’s best designed to make your nights as sprightly as you have in mind. DesignMyNight works with a simple mission: – and that is to enable customers design their own kind of night, depending on their location, their budget, and the type of night they want to enjoy. Your busy schedule doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice your social life. With this app, you can plan ahead and keep track with UK’s bustling nightlife and activities.


Widen and meet your circle

Socializing doesn’t always require you to travel long and far away places. Who you’re looking for could be just a step away from you! Discover who’s around your area using this location-based social network and participate in different fun-filled activities. Circle uses GPS to let you connect with people currently located in your area and encircles you together in various wonderful events. Take this app wherever your feet may wander and connect with more individuals! Circle will enjoyably help you lead the way.